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Rewards Campaign

Discover how to boost your branding awareness and generate leads organically.

How? It's simple – employ the reward strategy and incorporate it into all your live streamings.

Offer rewards to participants who complete specific tasks, or run it as a competition campaign.

This approach can save you thousands of dollars from paid ad campaigns.

Facebook Tutorial

A Facebook Business Page is vital for expanding your brand's online reach.

It offers direct access to a massive audience, fosters engagement and trust, provides valuable insights, and enhances your brand's credibility.

In today's digital age, it's a key tool for building connections and growing your business.

Instagram Tutorial

A Professional Instagram Account offers credibility, access to analytics, contact options, shopping features, and ad capabilities.

It's vital for businesses, creators, and individuals aiming to effectively engage their audience, drive growth, and establish a strong online presence.

your Profile

Discover how to update your eU Go-eCommerce portal.

Profile update is mandatory. The eU MDEC team needs an updated profile for business verification.

Ensure your profile reflects dedication. Updating shows active commitment to business growth.

An updated profile launches you into stage 2: growth and opportunities.

your sales

Discover how to update your sales and earn rewards in this tutorial.

More sales mean more points on the Go-eCommerce Portal.

Exchange points for vouchers, including GSC movie tickets, Popular, and Lotus.

Vouchers are limited, given on a first-come, first-served basis.


Disvoer how to download your eU MDEC eCertificate step by step in this video.

The latest eCertificate includes the MD Status logo for authenticity in the digital era.

If the MD Status logo is missing, your certificate might be the older version.

If you have the old version, message us on WhatsApp.

mdec technical support

Experiencing bugs or technical issues during your login or account creation?

No need to worry! You can simply send us an email at and cc for a prompt response.

Remember to include the message template provided in the video description so that our technical team can assist you more efficiently.


Enhance your TikTok with a business profile! Boost your presence, connect with your audience effortlessly, and access powerful analytics.

Learn to perfect your profile, add a personal touch, and integrate key information.

Whether you're an influencer or dance enthusiast, let's optimize your TikTok for unforgettable impact

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Video Tutorials

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